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How is cosmetic tattooing done?

An implanter designed specifically for cosmetic tattoos is used. A skilled practitioner will use multiple implanting machines and variable needles depending on the client's needs. By carefully and expertly regulating the pigment deposit depth, the procedure is safe and controlled.

Is cosmetic tattooing right for me?

Anyone who wishes to enhance their appearance with a soft, natural or prominent enhancement can benefit from skillfully applied cosmetic tattooing. In addition to female clients, cartel aesthetic has a large number of male clients as well.

There is a reason why cosmetic tattooing is one of the most popular and highly sought after beauty treatments! It is easy to enhance your natural features using this amazing beauty technique. Bring color to your lips, fill in your eyebrows, and define your eyes without the hassle of everyday makeup. 

Located on the Gold Coast, Cartel Aesthetic offers everything from microblading to semi-permanent eyeliners. Aiming to enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence! You can always achieve the perfect look with each service tailored to your natural features.

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